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Shopify Web Developer - Web design for interactive Website - Lots of categories and Products - Theme Editing/custom design elements!

Looking for: Web Design
Budget: $900.00

I’m an owner of a new company based in London, looking for assistance with a shopify theme, creating templates for myself and making a load of design changes.

I am a designer myself and have a good idea of what I want so need someone to help me make it a reality - but I am open to new ideas, gizmos and new tech.

The details are hard to quote on as I need to take you through it sall but what I have is a theme installed, in need of a lot of work but it does look good so far.

I will need placeholders put in advertising locations and then a series of example products (approx 30 types) and then I would like to dsiscuss how to then upload the hundreds of products I have to do.

Experience in the relevant html or shopify specific coding would begreat but I need to be able to manage it myself, with additional work form yourself in the future as things change and develop.

I hope this helps you gauge the work - the company itself is a car parts company selecting a number of companies we have on board, from all over the world, bringing them together in 3 sections of the website (Race/Show/Garage).

It needs to work on mobiles perfectly so this is key to develop too and I would love to be able to work with you in evenings on skype and run through bits, setting milestones and creating pay packs as we go forward. My budget is low but I am open to suggestions and will want your input across a long period of time (Paid of course)…

If you are interested please message, I am looking forward to getting this going as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

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