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Children's Book Illustration in Asian Brush Painting Style

Looking for: Illustrator
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Hello, I am a creative seeking the assistance of an illustrator in the completion of a personal project. This personal project is a children’s book, titled “The Naming Grounds” that centers around three friends: Sandy, a mermaid afraid of water, Bobby, an unusually and inconveniently loud ninja, and Dewey, a pixie who just so happens to be afraid of heights. The book itself is the story of the three taking a journey to try and better themselves. The story itself is already written and I am seeking someone who can help me bring this to life.

I am looking for an illustrator for my children’s book. The book is 32 sentences / 604 words long and is targeted towards the 6-10 year old age range. My intent is to put this book up for sale in English, as well as Spanish and Mandarin. I am looking for an illustrator who is not only capable of illustrating this story, but is also aware of the industry standards and requirements around picture sizing so that I will be able to take the finished images and easily format the book and put it up for sale.

This job is not location specific, and I am perfectly comfortable working with an illustrator online, provided we can establish a schedule wherein we will be able to collaborate and review.

I have image references for the individual pages, with some illustrations stretching across two pages, as well as ideas for the character design, however I am willing to work with the illustrator in these areas.

My initial ideas around character design are:
Sandy (Mermaid): Top half is a cat, bottom half is a mermaid
Bobby (Ninja): A capuchin monkey in martial arts clothes
Dewey (Pixie): A baby tapir with wings

My initial idea for the design style of the illustrations is:

Here is an example of the sort of reference that I have per page for two of the pages. I can modify the way I present this information if it will make things more convenient over the course of our working together, and am open to suggestions from the illustrator:

Book text: “In a place we cannot see, there lived the magic friends three: Sandy, Bobby, and Dewey.”
Image Description (2 page spread): Sea of Clouds, Huangshan mountain in China (

Book text: “Bobby is a ninja. They are usually quiet and quick. But with most every step, Bobby trips.”
Image Description (1 page spread): Indian stepwell with Bobby tripping down the stairs (

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Posted 22 days ago
Alanna Olive-Smith
Last online: 3 hours ago

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