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Anime/Manga animators needed for music video and possible ongoing work

Looking for: Animator
Budget: Negotiable
19 days left

Hey you, cool animator who does anime and/or manga!

I would like to make some music videos of my own music (emo/trap/edm) using your animations, and likely some new scenes.

I can’t afford to have you create everything from scratch.

Here’s an idea:

You must have a lot of footage that you’ve created that you can use.

Could we make some videos together by piecing together bits you’ve already made, maybe with a few seconds of new clips of me as an anime character?

I would love to make this happen and will be a lot less work for you!

If you send a dump of your footage I can choose the bits I want so really you’ll just be splicing together and creating a few seconds with me in it.

Landscape shots you’ve made, characters you’ve made > I could make a storyline from it that fits one or two of my songs for sure.

Let me know if this makes sense. You must have loads of footage we can use to put together to create a new thing!

I am releasing a song a week starting in July so if we can make this work it’ll be a lot of work!!

These videos will get around 100,000+ views per video on YouTube, so will also be massive exposure for you.

And then we’ll make a custom offer for it.

Let me know!

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Posted 11 days ago
Last online: 9 days ago

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