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S.O.U.L Logo 2/3D Animation Main Website Page 🌎

Looking for: Animator
Budget: Negotiable

The template displayed in this linked image provides prospective designers with a comprehensive idea of the type of imagery that we require for our main website page.

The image provided is currently static but we intend for the image to be animated in 2/3D. Further, we would like the headphones to provide a pulse, that implies it is powering the rest of the S.O.U.L community. We even wanted to at vehicles and people moving around, whilst the sky birds and clouds would also be motioned. Ultimately, this image is an example idea, we want to strengthen the model so we are open to new creative ideas.

We need innovative animators that are not necessarily motivated by money in the short term, but building their brand by providing quality of service. We seek those designers who want to work on this project long term.

We may have to prioritise our budget in the short term but will not compromise on quality. Accordingly, we seek designers who are proficient but also prepared to go the extra yard to assist us in the empowerment of London’s inner-city youth.

We would like quotes submitted for the following.

• A S.O.U.L Logo 2/3D Animation Main Website Page (see image 1 above)

We have an art director who designed the SOULSphere image who can provide further creative assistance where necessary. We are waiting for funding from various sources so the cost will be an important factor, however, we really need to get this website up and running for the same reason.

We are looking for quotes for the following work:

Logo designs submitted for - L.I.F.E (Licensed Internships For Ex-Offenders - Lions Paw - G.A.N.G (Girls And No Guys).

L.I.F.E is a recidivism prevention program we run in partnership with HMPP. We are looking for a designer who can really add their creative input to provide the level of quality and refinement we are looking for.

We would like to expand upon this tower block/headphones idea, so we would like the tower block to be incorporated into a S.O.U.L ident. See the images linked below: Tower Block.png?dl=0 2 Logo.png?dl=0

We look forward to hearing from those who like a challenge and are capable of producing the quality of media that we require.

We look forward to hearing from those who like a challenge and are capable of producing the quality of media that we require and really, are looking for a creative director for the long term.

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Pay to hire someone

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Specific project or job with follow up work

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Day rate

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$250-350 (Industry average)

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4-5 days

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Personal job or project

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No, we can work online

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2-3 weeks

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Posted 2 months ago
Sounds Of Urban London Media LTD
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