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Illustrator needed to design 4 fantasy bottle product labels for fertiliser company 🌎

Looking for: Illustration
Budget: Negotiable

Hi there,

We are small start-up company based in the UK, looking to break into the fertiliser industry. We are looking for an illustrator to design 4 product bottle labels based on a specific style and fantasy concept.

The initial job/project will be for the creation of 4 unique, eye-catching labels, although the full product line will consist of 12 products in total. Thus, the remaining labels are subject to the work produced on the first 4.

We are looking to create a unique, eye-catching, label that will best represent our brand, story, and products and will ensure that they will jump off the shelf. Presently, the industry is full of labelling and branding that remain very similar and we are trying to break the mould and add a millennial flare to shake things up.

As a company, we aim for the following:
Our promise to our clients:
Bigger buds, guaranteed higher yields, satisfaction, a product they can trust, have confidence in.

Our mission:
Brand awareness, establishing the brand, touching the waters, stabilising the business model.

To provide quality, heavenly, products to our customer base to help them grow their best crop ever.

Our target audience:
Hydroponic growers, plant enthusiast, indoor/outdoor growers, anyone who wants to grow big buds and high yields.

Brand pillars:
Organic, reliable, transcendent

The labels will be used across various bottle sizes ranging from 500ml - 5ltr. The label will just be the design only, not the text or company logo.

The job is not location based and is solely based online, although English speaking is a requirement and able to Facetime/Skype.

The following pinterest board is of the style that we are looking for:

We look forward to hearing and working with you!

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