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Need a Music Producer for a Hindi Rap Song 🌎

Looking for: Music Producer

I am based out of Hyderabad, India and I am a writer/lyricist.

I need someone to create a beat/music for a rap song I have written. I would also require some guidance/advise from the person in terms of rhythm and flow.

I would prefer someone who has worked or created a rap song before and is really good at making hooky and catchy beats.

If you are someone in Hyderabad and have a musical set up like a studio where we can do the project together let me know.

From the lyrics aspect, everything is finished and is all set to go! This is a very special one for me and if done correctly, this could be the next viral song in the country.

Please let me know if you know anybody who has the same skill set

+91 9993173227

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Posted 3 months ago
Ghost X
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