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Actor and director of the fan series Camp Crystal Lake 🌎

Looking for: Actor

Hey there I’m Eric Franko and I’m the director of the upcoming web series Camp Crystal Lake, with the current lawsuit with the Friday the 13th it appears we won’t be getting any hockey mask killer Jason anytime soon but every since the lawsuit the fan community has been blowing up in amazing fan flims the future of Jason seems to be made by fans as it should be. My series will not only show Jason’s childhood and his mother before the first Flim, we also will be telling a fresh new story about the axe welding maniac Jason himself over the course of a 6 episode series. Fliming will take place in Hamilton Ontario Canada 🇨🇦, we’re looking for actors from any age and only a few roles have been casted for already, for actors trying to make a name for themselves this is a good place to start, we are only gonna be fliming a full length trailer to put up on kickstarter are goal budget is $20,000 and with the praise are teaser trailer got (can see on YouTube) we are sure we will make past are goal, we are also looking for camera men with there own equipment there the key for making this we aren’t looking to make a phone quality movie no we are looking to make a MOVIE! we are dedicated to making This amazing, so to wrap this up we are looking for serious actors and camera men and women who are in this for the long haul and to clear up any confusions No one will be getting paid for this it’s only a Fan series you put no money into either only me and who ever supports the kickstarter but if your okay with giving up you weekends to Flim the trailer and later on the series and get your name out into the acting world then this is for you. If interested please contact me

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Posted 3 months ago
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