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UX Design Phase of the PF Website Redesign 🌎

Looking for: UX Designer
Budget: $4800.00

We are doing a visual redesign of a CPG e-commerce website, built in Shopify. Currently the website is a mess and the customer journey is convoluted and confusing, and the client is missing out on sales. We want to completely redesign the structure of the website, using some of the same visuals (photography, designs) we have currently.

The plan is to choose 2 existing Shopify templates (they have templates the same as Wordpress or Squarespace does), and use those as a starting point for the structure of the design. Using that template, you would build out a client-specific design. Probably 5-6 mock-up pages per template, so 10-12 total PSD mock-ups.

This brief is for the Design phase of the project.

UX phase — 6 days @ $760/day

  • Competitor research
  • Analysis of website requirements (business, user and functional)
  • User flows (segmented by device and user intent)
  • Current site audit identifying key barriers in user journeys
  • Research into most effective Shopify template to work with as a base
  • Look into the effectiveness of creating targeted landing pages to engage more effectively with new markets
  • Present UX recommendations using annotated wireframes for both mobile and desktop views

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Posted 3 months ago
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