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Collab On Track For My YouTube Channel, Create 1 minute track around vocals! 🌎

Looking for: Music Producer

I am making my first YouTube video and I want a track with my vocals for this video, it will only be around one minute long and its sort of an ambient/haunting/cinematic style.

I have examples of tracks I can share with you so you know what I am going for and I will also send a rough example of the vocals. The vocals are not singing any words it is more of just a female vocal music track, the examples will show what I am talking about!

I will give credit and also provide any links to your social media account on the youtube video!

I don’t need this done right away, I don’t have any specific date it needs done for right now but no longer than around a month. So we can take our time working on this!

Collaboration only, but if you do a great job I will possibly hire you for work once I get my YouTube channel up and running!

Please send some examples of similar work you have done so I can check it out and see if you are a good fit, thanks :)

Posted 2 months ago

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