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1 Male and 1 Female actor for car commercial 🌎

Looking for: Actor
Budget: Negotiable

Spinoff is an advertising agency doing commercial work for Ken Garff’s Culver City Toyota dealership. We’re looking for the following actors for a one day shoot on Wednesday July 10th:

Role: Male car dealership employee
Ethnicity: Any
Age: mid 20’s - early 40’s
Dialogue: None
Facial hair: None
On set: 9am-6pm

Role: Female car dealership employee
Ethnicity: Any
Age: mid 20’s - early 40’s
Dialogue: None
Hair color: Any
On set: 9am-6pm

Each actor will be in one car commercial, each with the following air-time:

Market: Local (Culver City)
Duration: 6-9 months
Medium: Web/TV

Only actors local to the Culver City or LA area will be considered. Lunch will be provided. Please include your headshot and demo reel with your application. We realize this is short notice, so please be prepared to respond quickly. Thank you!

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