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Looking for: Vocalist
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I am a producer looking to add works to my music catalog, but I need some vocals! I will do all of the mixing and mastering myself, and have memberships to distribution services to have the songs go live on all streaming platforms. It is more important for me in the short-term to have a wide collection of songs that I can display for future clients rather than getting paid work right away, so if you’re a vocalist in need of some completed work to show off and want them done for free, LET ME KNOW! A lot of the songs I want vocals on are in the electronic, synthpop, and EDM realm. I would also be happy to write an instrumental to fit vocals that you’ve already written if you would like some of your own work to release instead of being a feature. I am very easy going and love to work on music, so I’m looking for ambitious individuals who want to release some cool songs. It is necessary that you have access to a microphone and can record your own vocal takes. Once they’re recorded, you can send me the .wav or .aiff files and I can do the rest! Feel free to ask any questions and we can chat about the project. Thanks!

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