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Bass house song vocals

Looking for: Rap Artist
Budget: Negotiable
25 days left

This is a bass house track called Alley. The song centres around people coming to a party in an alley. In my mind I am picturing a party like the ones in the last episodes of The Get Down. Sound system, loads of kids , great vibe, loads of party going on, hot weather, school holidays(?). There is a guide vocal on the track already but I want something inspired by it and original. This is gonna be a smash if the vocal is right. Must be rapped and I’m sort of thinking Kool Mo D or Q-Tip sound wise. But if you have a smooth but precise vocal sound I’m happy to listen. I know when it’s right even if you aren’t sure ;-) Hope you’re interested and I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, James

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