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New gaming service. UI designer in Sheffield, UK 🌎

Looking for: Web Design
Budget: £3333.33

We are GameSessions. A PC games download business based in Sheffield. We’re launching a brand new subscription service later this year and we’re looking for a talented web designer to help shape the look and feel of our product launch.

We estimate about 2-3 weeks work based remotely and in our office in Sheffield. You will be working with our in house UX designer and our marketing Director to design compelling pages to attract a global audience of gaming fanatics.

We’re looking for an experienced senior designer/art director with 5-10 years experience. Preferably using Creative Suite to deliver high-end page designs and assets for our in-house development team to build.

We’re somewhat flexible around start date - finding the right person is the most important thing. you would need to be available some time in July (at a push, first week in August).

Please me, Mike Burgess, via the Twine platform and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You will be primarily be judged based on the quality of your previous work so recent examples are essential.

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