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Composer For New Musical Needed ASAP 🌎

Looking for: Music Composer
8 days left

​Hi everyone, we are looking for a composer to help us out with our one act musical. Unfortunately our original composer has left us a bit high a dry and with our work-in-progress showing coming up at the end of September we are looking for alternative options.

We currently have melodies and lyrics for 11 songs (mostly 2.5minutes or less) but are open to cut that down. We are also open to turning the show into a play with music if necessary.

New Aussie musical ‘Coming Out on Broadway’ is a celebration of self love! Gens just moved to Sydney and finds herself swept up in her outgoing cousin Jack’s performance club. When Gen discover’s the club meets and performs at The Jewellery Box, a LGBT+ bar, she suddenly finds herself confronting her identity and her already strained relationship with her Dad, Harry. Join Gen, Mel, Jack, Jules, and Angus as they go on a journey of self actualisation, love, and discovering the importance of the family we choose.

We are an emerging company so have pretty limited funds but we are happy to discuss your fees. We would also give you profit share points for all shows performed (1st shows in September with tour plans for 2020). You’d also be credited as the shows composer.

If you’re interested please contact us ASAP!

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