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Future House Producer 🌎

Looking for: Music Producer
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Hello, my name is Elie, I am a 19 year old DJ/Producer from Sydney, Australia…

I have a Future House song that has been finished and completed, however I’m currently going through a dilemma as the track sounds extremely similar to a song called ‘Feel My Soul’ by Jonas Aden. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’ve suffered from subconscious writing and writers block and need a producer to help me complete this by next month (am willing to pay if that’s what you desire, price is negotiable + writing credits). Mixing + mastering I am also willing to pay for but it is not important at this stage.

I can provide you with stems and MIDI’s of the track as well as the original finished track in mp3 (the sound design can be experimented with or changed but must stick with a Future House style).

P.S. I unfortunately don’t have the presets or project files as this is an old project and my previous laptop crashed.

Looking forward to working with you!

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Posted 25 days ago

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