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Looking for a music producer to help me with first original song. 🌎

Looking for: Music Producer
3 days left

I don’t have the budget for a music producer right now but really want to start releasing high quality tracks to release.

The genre I am going for it sort of synth pop, think of artist like troye sivan and maybe even selena gomez new style of music that is the style I am going for.

We can work on the song together, Ill share ideas, write lyrics etc…and I also have a professional microphone to record with. I need the song mixed and mastered as well.

When I release the song, if any money is made you will get a share of it and if you do a good job and when i have a budget in the future I will definitely pay you to do my full EP!

I will send you song examples so you know what style of music I am going for!
Please send me similar work you have done :)

Posted a month ago

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