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Patients - student film 📍 Cambridge, United Kingdom

Looking for: Actor
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Hi - my name is Ciaran McGhee and I am an MA Film and Television Production student at Anglia Ruskin University. I am filming my Major Project film from the 1st to the 9th August and am looking for two actresses age 20-30 to play two main characters. It is a short comedy drama about three friends who have the same therapist, with a similar approach to relationships and neuroses as Fleabag and Tuca & Bertie. I cannot pay but I can provide lunches and a copy of the film upon request.

LIZ - Confident but selfish. Profane and offensive. Tries to make amends for past wrongs at the end of the story.

MANDY - Old fashioned. Low self esteem. Low self-confidence. Learns to stand up for herself a bit by the end of the story.

Again, filming begins on Thursday the 1st August so please apply before noon on the 31st.

Thank you,

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Posted a month ago
Ciaran McGhee
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