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Animation for music video 🌎

Looking for: Animator
6 days left

Looking for a 2D animator that would like to collaborate on creating a music video for the song below

I have a few ideas in mind, but please feel free to drop some ideas based on the vibe you get from the music.

Some ideas:

It would be great to have something similar as the first two videos with me as a cartoon, the song has a heavy Brazilian Funk influence (Rio de Janeiro more specifically) though it doesn’t need to have a lot of Brazilian related objects, the goal is more to be like urban and tropical.

A brief idea I have would be starting the same as the first video, passing through the birds and reaching the city streets where the rap verse would start similar to the second video.

Though if you also can make animation similar to the 3rd link, I might also be really interested or have another song we could explore the concept.

I am with a limited budget at the moment and also open for a more simple animation. I can pay some cash and in addition you can add credits to the video. Case we are successful with this project and there is possible future monetization, I am also open to give a bonus cash amount.

Please share your portfolio.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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