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Looking for: Web Developer
Budget: $125.00
8 days left

A quick, skilled, no nonsense website developer/designer is required to finish building this site which contains an incomplete, dynamic image gallery with a simple navigation system for displaying images of related artistic or photographic type. The original concept was to build in Wordpress which may still be the most viable option. My budget is a little bit flexible depending on the quality of your application.

You can get the best idea of the site just by copying and pasting the following link (archived as the website got accidentally deleted) in your browser

The image caption texts and optimised images are ready so there will be no long delays from me.

Technical summary:

  1. The site will use the design of an existing unfinished site for which I have the original code

  2. There are approx. 250 images in total to be added which are grouped into 11 categories which the user can access simply by clicking on the main nav and then navigating to their chosen category in the sub nav

  3. Each page will show large thumbnails of the images with a summary caption of the content

  4. When the image is clicked a carousel will open which will display the full image with a detailed description

PLEASE NOTE No changes are strictly required to the existing code for the design, only possibly minimal ones by mutual agreement. However I will consider suggestions for later low cost improvements such as a Search Page (using metadata I already have), possibly employing a WordPress plug-in like a media tagger. Applicants who demonstrate knowledge of how this could work and look good at the same time are more likely to be hired for this job and might get a follow up job to implement this.

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Posted 22 days ago
Last online: 22 days ago

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