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16-page brochure for Ed Tech Company 🌎

Looking for: Brochure
Budget: Negotiable
15 days left

We are an ed tech company based out of New York. We need a 16-page brochure designed to highlight our different product suites.

Our aesthetic is clean and fresh with white space and very few (if any stock photos). We sell to high-level decision makers, so we prefer something more sophisticated than playful. We like custom illustrated graphics better than stock photos in all cases and are not big fans of chopped together .eps graphics from Getty.

All copy and a wire frame will be provided to you and all stakeholder will have given their approval to the copy and concept before you get to work.

We’d ask that the design file and linked files be shared at the end so that updates can be made.

Please provide samples of your work, including your illustration style along with your bid.

I hope to work with you soon!

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Posted 15 days ago
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