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Animator for Dental videos for both dentists and patients to watch 🌎

Looking for: Animator
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Hello, I’m a dentist in Central Florida, Vernon Smith. I work together with a specialist who has around 14 years of dental school training. I’ve learned to shoot high quality 4k video with a Canon c300 mark ii, and I’m almost ready to start shooting videos for our profession. I’ve invested around 30k into learning how to make and edit video already, so I do think that there is a lot of potential in this right now, and even more in the immediate future.

We are going to make many videos and hope to becoming the leader in our field for high quality dental content in different forums.

Here are a couple rough draft practice videos that I made last month with my office manager.
The first video is only there to illustrate that I can have great 4k image and sound quality, however, the B cam (EOS R) needed work and that problem is now almost corrected
This second videos shows that the editing is more up to par, but the image and sound was off.

Here is the website of my specialist. He has some poor videos there, but it’s just to somewhat get to know who he is. My improved website is also complete, but I refuse to make it go live until I have great videos up.

Now that I’m almost ready to produce videos, animation is what we think can make our videos go to the top and stay at the top of our field.
We believe that the content we can produce is very rare, and if the quality is great too, then we see a market ready to welcome us with open arms given the lack of competition right now.

Types of videos:

1st type of video: We will have youtube videos helping patients understand what to expect from dental implants, with titles similar to 'implant problems, or ‘how much do implants cost’.

2nd type of video: Since my specialist already teaches a small group of specialists at a dental school, he is ready to give lectures to other dentists and dental specialists. The lectures to other dentists will likely be on our own website, and will probably be our highest source of income, regardless of how many patients the videos bring in to see us for high end work. We need to do this very well and fast because this has potential to have a big impact. We aren’t too concerned about competition with knowledge, given the 14 years of dental school training, mostly related to all things implants.

3rd type of video: I’m also making simple video testimonials from our patients with dental implants and difficult prosthodontic cases. This will simply bring in more patients for more high end dental procedures that our neighboring dentists compete with us for.

I’m super open minded and flexible, and will give different payment options for an animator, depending on the type of video and such.

Youtube does not make a lot of money for our types of videos, even if we get 1 million views on a video, it’s not enough to justify someone to rely on payment strictly from youtube views. The potential is high for music videos, but I don’t think it’s realistic with our job. I searched for dental implant youtube videos as described above, and the competition isn’t very high right now, IMO. Ideally we would pay based on youtube views, say agree to a minimal fee if we only get a few views, then a fixed amount per X amount of views that caps out at a certain amount of views.

Patient testimonials animation is probably best payed with straight payment for the work done due to my inability to figure out a fair compensation package.

Dental lectures can be payed based on profit from video, but caps out at a certain amount given that we may have a higher than normal earning potential in this category. Dental courses cost a fortune, but even if we distribute material at a lower than average fee (we expect to reach many people)

Thank you for reading my post, and I look forward to working with someone in one way or another soon.

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