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Create a video explainer 🌎

Looking for: Explainer Video
Budget: $125.00

We would need to copy a video and copy it in terms of information. the video can be found here:

we would need different animations and we would also need to add the information below:

Impulse Fitness Is official distributor of XBody EMS fitness equipment
Xbody is present in more than 55 countries and sold more than 4000 EMS devices.
The number of satisfied customers reached 2,500 and its just a beginning

Talk about disadvantages of of a regular studio
• Lots of space required
• High rental fee
• Many employees
• A lot of equipment

Talk about advantages of EMS Microstudio
• Space from 50 m2
• 1-2 employees
• 1-2 Ems devices

Average training price in the UK is £40-£80. An average studio train 10 customers daily some studios train 20 customers a day. So let us do a simple match you can earn daily £400-£800. Based on 24 operating days you will make £9,600-£19,200 a month. All you need is 24 clients with membership to break even. How cool is that?

Also we would need to add few changes to the video.

  1. When he says “we provide” in that section we would need to add “Turn Key Solution”
  2. Change “open your studio with XBody” to “Be your own boss or bring your current studio to the next level. Start making money today with Impulse Fitness. Visit ww.lala.lala or call 01483363333. Email (just to appear under contact section) at lala@lla

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