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Looking for an animated music video for a new song. 🌎

Looking for: Animator
Budget: Negotiable
19 hours left


I am a musician; I have recently finished a new single of and want a high-quality animated music video to go along with its release. I will show you the song before any deal so you can decide whether you want to work with it. The lyrics are about drug addiction/drug use, but all the language is metaphorical and sounds like a love song. I’m looking for a psychedelic style, very colorful, and preferably some sort of story with characters, though I’m willing to form the project around the expertise of the animator. Still, the visuals should match the themes.

Once done, I plan to use this video to advertise for an upcoming project, so I would like the end of the video to include brief information about the upcoming project. We can talk about the details once I find a match!


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