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Looking for: Rap Artist
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My artist name are RGB Raven.

**I do not have a actual job in the industry under obvious, my specifications are limited due to lack of production and studio time.

Locations are not specifically important (North America, worldwide) for freelancer’s.

I have a YouTube account channel under the name RGB Raven. My most famous work by popular demand (personally) are titled Exclusive Freestyle ([EXCLUSIVE FREESTYLE] a couple of them have been blocked in the country ([Video blocked in country]) and I have deleted my account numerous times due to lack of support (subscribers) and have recently deleted my last account due to artist name change (stage name) and all of my work had to be re-uploaded and so far I only have one video that is blocked in the country (United States of America) and that is Exclusive Freestyle part 5 ([EXCLUSIVE FREESTYLE] pt.5).

**A few examples of what Im looking for are artists that don’t actually have to be signed but are good under the ACT of representation that they stand for in music. Anyone that is a freestyler (cypher, off top, random, bars for days off top) are welcomed including anyone who writes down especially for you are showing professionalism and that is to be accompanied specifically.

Posted a month ago
RGB Raven
Last online: 25 days ago

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