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Need 2d Traditional Animator for a 4min Rough Flipbook style animation - 300 panels needed total 🌎

Looking for: Animator
Budget: Negotiable
6 days left

Need an animator to do a flipbook style video requiring about 300 pencil or pen-drawn frames. the animation style is simple and rough. very old-school-demoish, in a hand drawn-and-scanned-style.
The video will show 5 or 6 characters playing instruments, both alone and together. I would take your animation loops, cut them against one another so the video would jump back and forth between the respective characters loops.
Additional animations of a kick drum being kicked, a bass amp moving around, or a person crowd surfing would be additional.

At the start of the job, I would supply character design traits, photos and wardrobe specs, and need character design sketches to be done and revised before animation samples would be needed. I’ve attached an example of an extremely similar style that I’m going for.

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Posted 24 days ago
Last online: 24 days ago

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