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Videographer for dancer 🌎

Looking for: Videographer
Budget: Negotiable
8 days left


I‘m Fatima and a 20 year old from switzerland.

I am looking for a videographer that can shoot a smooth shot and at the same time doesn‘t cut my limbs off.

It‘s a heels dance video in Barcelona (pretty short) and If somebody has an ideas for e nice location: even better.

I just need a smooth ground for my heels otherwise I can take a lot when it comes to shoots.

Friday the 30.08 or 31.08 would be ideal, 01.10 is possible but the weather is rough.

We could shoot it as a one shoot - however color grading is important for me in this case. I would like to shoot in the sun to get a bright shot - that screams holiday.

If this inspires you, feel free to contact me.

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Posted 22 days ago
Last online: 22 days ago

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