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I am a Danish writer/producer. I’ve been signed to various publishers and have released songs with various artist. Last year I signed a couple of tracks to a NYC label and did remixes for another.

What I am looking for:
Great sounding vocalists to collaborate with for either release ot publishing/pitching songs to others. I work in the veins of Pop and House.

As I am not native english speaking and spend too much time doing lyrics, I am also loking for a vocalist who can either do or cowrite lyrics. I will handle the melody, production, mixing and mastering. The vocalist must be prepared to sign over the rights to me to release the song myself or pitch the songs to other artist. All songwriting will for starters be 50/50 split.

I look forward to hearing from you :-)

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No payment, only collaboration

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No, we can work online

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1 week

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