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I need several voices to dub some characters 🌎

Looking for: Actor
Budget: Negotiable
12 days left


I’m making a video series in which I sometime need spoken text by characters.
Those characters are from an existing show and while it’s not required to match perfectly the voice of the original actor, it would be nice.
What is asked is to get the general feel of an actress/actor’s performance and replicate it.
It may include elements parody, though.

I have 10 different male voices,
speaking a total of 290 words, more than half of it by the same one,
and 2 female voices,
speaking a total of 10 words.
In addition, I have 3 different male voices and 1 female voice that are not based on any pre-existing performance that speak a total of 27 words.
It’s very short.

I can do it with an actor per voice, of course but my budget is far from limitless so working with the fewest actors possible would avoid the overdividing of the wealth and simplify the organisation of sessions.
So great range/impersonators are welcome.

All of this is english-speaking and I would preferably work with American people as it’s also the case for the original characters.

All this can be done online, I suppose.
I have a hard time anticipating directing someone over Skype, though.
But I don’t mind trying.
It also means the actor would have to be adequately equipped to record her/his voice, obviously.

I’ve checked the “half-day of work” box but, really, it includes the prep time, like watching the original actors perform and reading the text.
I think it can be done in a few hours especially for a female actress who should be out in an hour max.

I’m still at a kind of developing stage but I could be ready to record soon.
Let’s discuss it.
Dr. F.

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Posted 18 days ago
Dr. Famine
Last online: 17 days ago

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