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Illustrator wanted for book featuring a giant evil monkey rampaging down the street 🌎

Looking for: Book Illustrator
Budget: Negotiable
23 days left

I need an illustrator for an ongoing relationship.

This is a big project, as I will need 60 illustrations just to start off with. 3 books times 20 illustrations.

#1) I’ll pay $100/illustration, with 2 tweaks; after that $50 per tweak

I just need 1 test plus 1 tweak before we start to make sure I have the right illustrator.

Here is the test I will need you to complete:


I see a huge monkey walking down a crowded city street; he’s as tall (or taller) than the sky scrappers! He’s wearing sun glasses & carrying a walking stick (bc he’s blind) he may also be carrying a beggars tin cup; earbuds (he’s listening to music through his iPhone)…Behind him the buildings are damaged (from him bumping into them). Below are many people frantically running for cover, someone talking a running “selfie”. … Crushed cars, fires in the street, military & police running around, a military tank, helicopters over head! The monkey has no clue as to the commotion he’s causing… Frantic, crazy bold, fun scene! REMEMBER: more is better! Think: CHAOTIC!!! Characters running for cover have different personalities which we can definitely see; a fat guy “rolling” down the street, an old guy running, a guy jumping out of a wheel chair, a hippie dropping his guitars, screaming people from windows; cops, executives, blue collar workers, an actress, folks drinking coffee, hard hat guys, newscaster camera crew. ALL Are terrified!!! These are just some ideas.

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Posted 7 days ago
Last online: 2 hours ago

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