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Basketball Videographer Needed 🌎

Looking for: Videographer
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We need the footage filmed in either 720/1080p at 30fps or 60 FPS. We prefer our videographers to have at least 64 gb of storage in sd cards available for the day event. Having 1-2 back up batteries is also preferred to avoid the risk of running out of space and battery life.

We prefer that games are filmed from the sideline at mid court and if available, at an elevated view point. You will be filming the full games including free throws from start to finish. If necessary you can clip the video when the ball goes out of bounds, however, we do ask that the final video be sent to us in one fluid clip per game via Google Drive. For example if there are 6 games at the event you will deliver them as 6 clips: Game 1, Game 2, etc.

When filming you will zoom in on a player after a made shot. Since we will be creating videos for about 30% of the event participants you will want to zoom in on a player after every made shot. For an example of what we are looking for on zooming in here is an example of one of the videos we have created in the past:

We will also ask that you capture a quick player introduction of all the players at the onset of the event which will be coordinated by the event director. The players will simply make an introduction including their name, jersey number and color, and the position they play. This helps us better identify them in the footage on the back end. This can be filmed from their waist up and against a blank wall in a quiet place to make it easier to see them in the footage.

If for any reason, you have difficulty uploading the footage, we request that you mail us the sd cards with tracking. Typically $6.65 with USPS. We reimburse you for tracking once received and will return the SD Cards with tracking once we have downloaded the footage.

Lastly, payments cover the full time at the event. So from the time you arrive, to the time you leave. We ask that you arrive a half hour early so you have time to check in. Typically the first 1-2 hours you won’t be filming (outside of the player introductions) as they are usually doing warm ups and drills on the onset of the event. We don’t require that drills or warm ups be filmed. We only require that the games be recorded. Once the games begin, you begin filming. And you are free to go as soon as the last game wraps for the day. Although you aren’t filming the entire time, we do cover this entire time. Payments go out Friday following the event (as long as footage has been received).

When working with a videographer for the first time, we typically double on videographers. You will both be filming the same court/games, and both will be compensated. Once we have worked with you and are happy with your reliability and quality of footage, you will be covering your own events/courts. We typically have 2-3 events each season. (Spring and Fall)

The event is scheduled to run on

CAMP: Sep 22, 2019 - 11:00am - 6:30pm

Team Sportsplex
7122 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

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