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Mature Cartoon animation. 🌎

Looking for: Animator
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Hey there my name is Jared Marshall, and I’m currently the executive producer of our mature cartoon “Weird Anatomy”. We’re based out of Southern Oregon currently with a team of 8. We have one animator currentlt although we’re looking to expand and outsource.

The setting for our show is a curse locked city located atop of hellsmouth - a somewhat portal to the underworld. The main characters of the show are cookie cutter in the sense of having a familiar core cast but vary differently from the norm. The people located in this city are portrayed completely as humans with their heads being different parts of anatomy. (Thumbs, eyeballs, etc). For the main character we have a female sherrif whose married to an oil tycoon who quickly becomes ill. Amidst the household are 2 children, although one has sociopathic tendencies and the other is completely normal. Alongside this is a witty grandpa whose extremly witty but over exagerated in the old people stereotype (e.g.: “Can you pass the salt?” - “WHAT?! YOU WANNA SUCK MY BALLS?” this is just an example and not the final writing by any means). I can go into more detail upon request and would love to talk over the phone if possible. Another key thing to this setting is that the town is locked in - theyre never leaving - of course they’ll get close and we even may end the cartoon upon their escape. One last thing is since this town is atop of a portal this allows for some really weird and absurd things to go down. We have lists and lists of ideas on this, and again would love to talk more over the phone or Skype, etc.

It does not matter where youre located as everything else is going to be down inhouse and working via the interner should not be an issue. In the event youre local to Oregon we would love to meet to discuss further!

Animation is the last element of our team that we need solid and are open to recommendations etc!

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