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Design for bringing visual style and identity to a game demo 🌎

Looking for: Designer
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We’re a team building a short web game demo centered around tracking players doing exercises (squats, planks, yoga poses, etc). We are currently in development and have a basic UI/UX design in place. We are looking for someone who can help us develop a visual style and art direction. You are also able to deliver assets which elevate the UI/UX to that style. We’ve deliberately kept our demo small in scope, and estimate this job to have between 20-40 hours of work.

Short description of the demo:
The player chooses a challenge, maybe the 2 week plank challenge. Every day for 2 weeks, the player does a plank in front of their webcam, where we can score their plank based on how good their form is and how long they held it. The player can track their progress and see granular feedback on how they can improve their planking form. To enter into a challenge, the player needs to pay up front, $5 for the 2 week plank challenge. If the player scores good enough every day for 2 weeks, they can end up earning $10.

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
Pay to hire someone

Is this ongoing work or a one off job?
One-off specific project or job

How would you prefer to pay for the project?
Hourly rate

What’s your hourly rate budget range? (USD)
$35-50 (Industry average)

Do you have an estimate of the job or project length?
4-5 days

Are you a company or individual hiring?

Do you have internal sign off on the hire?

Do you need to hire for a specific city, country or place?
No, we can work online

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Do you have a job specification or creative brief?
Yes (please enter this in the description)

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Where did you find Twine?
Can’t remember

Posted 2 months ago
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