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Looking for 2-3 senior actors for a short medical-related video shoot (October) 🌎

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I’m seeking 2 senior actors (age 60+) for a short 1-day shoot in Berlin around mid-October (location, date and time yet to be confirmed). The goal of the shoot is to demonstrate a simple swab technique for medical purposes. The end footage will be used in a video to help demonstrate to U.S seniors what a swab procedure typically involves.

The main requirements include;

  • 1st actor will be a doctor who undertakes a simple swab procedure on a patient. The actor will need to be comfortable to have their hands relatively close to the other actor’s mouth with the swab (however everything will be very carefully cleaned and the procedure will be professionally carried out). The actor will also be provided with a video demonstrating the process very clearly in advance of the shoot. The procedure is very simple but it needs to look professionally carried out.

  • 2nd actor will be the patient who will be receiving the swab procedure. This is a calm, harmless and very fast procedure and a professionally cleansed kit will be used. We will discuss more specifics about the process with successful candidates.

General note for actors: the process will be demonstrated in 3-4 quick and simple steps. The goal is accuracy, and so it is likely that we will repeat the process 3-4 times to ensure that we have the best footage. Furthermore, we suspect that the shoot will take 4-5 hours maximum but in the case that we require more time, we are happy to cover the full day cost for your time.

Please let us know your rates and provide information about your background experience and we’ll respond back to you as soon as possible with more details.

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