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An presentation movie cartoon for my new product šŸŒŽ

Looking for: Animation
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My name is Dorin and I am very interested in your work. You have done beautiful movie cartoons. Iā€™m excited.
Iā€™m interested in a dynamic movie cartoon with voices that is an presentation movie for my new product in the branch of fashion. It must be in the style of yours cartoons that I saw in yours portfolio. It must have also advertising dynamic words on the screen and voices. The movie must explain clear the principle of my revolutionary product.
The following devices are small electronic devices .
The following script that can be improved of you choices (if you understand the product) will also explain the essence of my device. First of all there are two small devices: the first is a very small device like a label that is attached on every clothes like T-shirt that everybody is wearing on the streets. This is sending message with the name of the clothes, the store that was the seller, the price and also the place where the people are were with their clothes. It has a GPS small device. These parameters are encrypted by the seller, factory, world of fashion etc.
All these parameters are transmitted to the second device that is something like a electronic watch with a display on the hand of ANOTHERS people that are walking on street together with others that are wearing clothes with the first label device. The ANOTHERS peoples can see what type of clothes, the price, the seller that the peoples with clothes with label device are wearing and ARE WALKING ON STREET WITHOUT BE DISTURBED. If THEY are far away the watch display can show the position of people with label on their clothes.
The script is like this: on a nice street people are wearing different clothes and are walking happy. Sometimes they receive a beep from their watch display and are enthusiastically to see on the display what others are wearing, THE FASHION HOUSE, and all the parameters. They can now know what to buy, where, at what price and how the cloth is fitting.
A great opportunity for great revenues, for the seller, fashion house and also for people.
A revolution in the fashion world! Everyone is now a model without inconvenience.
In the final I want to know exactly what is the price of the movie,
Thank you very much!

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