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animator needed for a sustainable startup 🌎

Looking for: Animator
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Wherefrom is a sustainable data platform which aims to connect existing sustainable and ethical companies with customers. We’re trying to encourage businesses to become more transparent about their practices as well as empower customers to me more conscious about their choices.

We’re setting up a YouTube channel and are looking to create an animated 60s explanatory animated video. We want to represent our core ideas: voting with your wallet (every purchase makes an impact), the conscious consumer movement and sustainability.

So far, we have imagined an animated video that goes something like this:

a shot of vegetables growing in the ground that are then being picked up by the farmer (POV),
who loads them on an electric van that travels to a local farmer’s market.
Then we see a vendor that transforms those vegetables into juice (POV),
followed by a customer who then purchases this juice (POV) - votes with his wallet supporting the vendor and the local farmer as a result.
We were also thinking of a more ‘mass production’ scenario, where the production line and packaging is shown so that we can represent the whole ‘journey’ - the transformation of a ‘raw’ product into the final item ‘voted’ with the wallet by the customer.

Our idea to also represent it from ‘1st person perspective/POV’ (in this case a vegetable/vegetables or each individual person in the process). Inspiration here:

However, we realise this might be challenging to make in 2D animation, so another idea was to follow the hands that pull the vegetables out of the ground.

We were also thinking of ‘reversing’ it, meaning that we would start with the ‘vote with your wallet’ purchase and work backwards from the purchase, to the making of the juice, the transport, the farmer and the vegetables being grown. We’re open to creative suggestions. Our main goal is to represent the idea of ‘voting with your wallet’ and being a conscious consumer, that supports locally and ethically produced goods.

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