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Seeking female actress for student short film 📍 London, United Kingdom

Looking for: Actor
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Hello! I am an American design student currently based in London working towards my bachelor’s degree. Essentially, I am looking for a female actress (age 50+) to play a character I have written for a short documentary-style film. Your role in the film is to both showcase the clothing I have made for this character, as well as some speaking, the script is short and will most likely also include some improvisation. The mood of the film is a bit comedic/ off-beat, but ideally you can show a full range of emotions on camera and have a communicable sense of humor.

The job location is specific to London, and more specifically I live in East London. I don’t think I would need more than two days to shoot everything, as the film is going to be no longer than fifteen minutes once edited. As a disclaimer, I am a college student so money is limited. I can still pay you by the day if we can negotiate a price, but I am also more than willing to compensate with buying your meals for the days we shoot, and send you the final film to include in your portfolio. If you have any specific questions for me, please feel free to reach out and ask! Thank you in advance.


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Posted 22 days ago
Whitney N
Last online: 22 days ago

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