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Explainer Video For Medical Startup 🌎

Looking for: Explainer Video
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We’re a medical startup currently looking to make an explainer video for our website and fundraising platforms.


Job Description:

Online funding applications, youtube, and our website:


Friendly but professional. Not sad. Optimistic. Uplifting.

Animation Style:
Informational. Simple/clean/vector. Consistent with branding. Sophisticated & lively startup vibe. Not a boring, mature medical company.

Friendly male voice. Feels somewhat like a doctor. American (or African) accent.

Aspect Ratio:
~Macbook pro monitor.

Safe Area:
Content likely to be cropped to some extent on top and bottom when displayed on web.

Word Count:

We have a script written. We need voice recording, music, and sound design as well as animation.

For animation, we are looking for a hybrid of limited & frame by frame, where appropriate. No heavy character work, although we will need simplified representations of people, clinics, medicine, & one environment. We don’t want it to feel like a mashup of stock elements.

Would prefer to work in stages (such as concept art, audio design, storyboard, animatic, final animation.) We’re open to any process & recommendations that ensures the best outcome for both parties.

Thank you!


Narrator: β€œWhat would your life be like with no doctors? No medicine? No health care of any kind?”
[Animation of doctor, medicine, hospital disappearing in sync with narration.]
[Brief pause.]

Narrator: β€œHundreds of millions of people are living this reality right now.”
[Animation of a simple map of Africa with icons of people springing up everywhere (see reference image)]

Narrator: β€œEvery day, millions of people in Africa are suffering needlessly because they can’t reach a medical facility to get the care they need. And those that can often find that the facilities are ill-equipped to treat their conditions.”
[Animation of ~20 people in a grid. Pan backwards to show thousands of people in the grid.]

Narrator: β€œThis results in things like risky and dangerous home-births… People dying from treatable infections… People living with chronic pain… And other burdensome conditions that could be treated.”
[Animation of the people in the grid. Many turn yellow, some people turn red, some disappear.]

Narrator: β€œThat’s where we come in. WeCare is a full-service med-tech social-impact enterprise dedicated to ending suffering and preventable deaths in Africa and beyond.”
[Animation of WeCare logo set over the people, which are now toned down in the background. The people reappear, and return to their healthy color.]

Narrator: β€œOur clinics have already helped over a million people, and we’re working night and day to open enough locations to serve nearly a billion people who aren’t getting the care they need.”
[Animation of clinics springing up over previous map of africa. Icons representing people without access become toned down/relieved]

Narrator: β€œWhether it be treating a patient in one of our specialized clinics,”
[Quick animation of pharmacy, maternity clinic, emergency clinic, and hospital flying by]

Narrator: β€œproviding remote services on demand,”
[Quick animation of hand using an app on phone, drone flying medical package, helicopter airlifting a person]

Narrator: β€œor using state-of-the-art technology to tackle complex problems – ”
[Quick animation of medical records, patient data(computer network?), and a medical robot arm holding a scalpel]

Narrator: β€œwe’re here to revolutionize healthcare and save millions of lives in the process.”
[Animation of wide shot of some houses with people living healthy lives, doing things like riding a bike, watering a garden, driving a car, etc.)

Narrator: β€œWe bring quality, affordable, accessible healthcare to the masses. We do it because we care. WeCare.”
[Animation of simple background with WeCare logo growing slightly]


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