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Graphic Designer / Booking page content

We are working on a cultural tourism project and intend to build a dynamic website for which the graphics design aspect is a key part.

We wanted to get in touch with a motivated individual with the right education and skills who could help with dynamic logo and graphic animations which we intend to include.

At the moment I would like to post graphic work for tour bookings design.

The purpose of the bookings option will be to show tourists what spaces are left for a tour that can be reserved. On the other hand, it will also show what spaces have already been filled.

Each tour will have space for 30 visitors and accordingly, we will need bookings image to show spaces for 30 people. When the spaces will be filled, not only we would like bookings image to reflect that but also to reflect from which country is the visitor who made the reservation - and we would do that by displaying the flag of the country from which will be the visitor who reserved a space.

We would like bookings image to be modeled on a Roman amphitheater. View of the amphitheater should be from the point of the stage looking at the seats where visitors take places. To give an idea I am attaching an image of an amphitheater. This image is only for guidance purposes and is not really close to what we would like to achieve.

We imagined that on the 3 levels of amphitheater seats we would place 30 spaces for visitors. We would incorporate our logo on the stage.

We would, of course, like to keep the image, again, in line with our logo and branding(to keep the theme of our logo, calendar, colors, and styling).

I understand that bookings task is not fully scripted and we have left room for creativity and imagination that will take to complete the task.

We will, of course, provide our logo and other existing images to give an idea about our brands and stylings. We will gladly provide further works to successful candidates.

Posted 21 days ago
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