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Create 3 illustrations for mobile app intro 🌎

Looking for: Illustrator
Budget: $50.00
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Hello, am working on a project to make booking easier.

I have 3 sketches that I can provide to create a nice illustration for my new mobile app.

The first illustrate someone with a smartphone looking for a hairdresser booking while a hairdresser is working on the hairs of a customer.

The second is someone lying in a bed with his smartphone next to him receiving a notifications.

The third is a the user standing, a smartphone in the middle and the hair dresser standing on the other side.

The illustrations needs to be simple and straight to the point.
I’d like to hire someone that can show me previous illustrations of people. The style is of course important, so I hope I’ll like yours :)

Lemme know if you have any questions!

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Posted 22 days ago

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