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Need someone to manage our Youtube Channels (based in the UK) 🌎

Looking for: Branding
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As a youtube publisher, you will be uploading videos produced by our scriptwriters, voice actors and editors on a daily basis to YouTube. When uploading the videos, you will be SEO optimizing the titles, descriptions, and tags based on what keywords are currently trending. (we will teach you how to do this).

Videos should be uploaded everyday between the times 5-10 pm CEST, so it’s important that you’re available during these times.

How to upload:

When uploading and writing the description, make sure to check Google Trends and use keywords that people are currently searching for.

Follow this guide example to get an idea of how to optimize:

You will also be scanning the internet for trending content and lead in brainstorming the project topics/titles for our videos that will result in a high click-through rate.

Ideal candidate:

  • You can speak English fluently
  • You have good writing and analytical skills
  • You have good communication
  • Has great knowledge of the most trending entertainment topics
  • Can identify online trends quickly
  • Must be readily available and responsive
  • Can work 5-6 hours every day (including weekdays)

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Posted 19 days ago
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