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Actors needed for a Christmas play 📍 Toronto, Canada

Looking for: Actor
Budget: $125.00
14 days left
Open job

Hello, my name is Maria Da Silva. I am a scriptwriter and a member of the St. Chad’s Anglican Church located at 1695 Dufferin street in Toronto. We are putting together a Christmas Musical that is scheduled to take place on December 15th at the St. Chad’s Anglican Church hall, and we are looking for Actors to play the following roles:

Mary (Young adult) White
Joseph (20s) White
3 Shepherds (Late 30s) Any race and ethnicity
Elizabeth (30s) Any race and ethnicity
Angel Gabriel (early 20s)
1 Gentle boy (12)
Young Jesus(18)
Kid Jesus(10)
3 Adult Angels (18,19) Black, White, and Asian

The Auditions will take place on Sunday the 3rd of November from 1pm to 4pm at the St. Chad’s Anglican Church hall, located at 1695 Dufferin street in Toronto.

The pay for each Actor is a 150$. The event will be professionally filmed and all the participants will receive a copy upon request.

All the rehearsals will take place in November and the dates are:
the 10th, the 17th and on the 24th, and there is the final one on the 1st o December.

All the rehearsals will take place at the event venue which is located1695 Dufferin street in Toronto.

For more information and to obtain the Audition script, please contact me at 6477126923.

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Posted 16 days ago
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