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URBIN Coral Gables Video Project 📍 Miami, United States

Looking for: Actor
Budget: $125.00
17 days left
Open job

Hello Actors!

Hope you are well. I’m reaching out to you to see if you could assist with a project that I’m working on in Coral Gables that will have a direct effect on housing and lifestyle in the city.

The company I work for is developing a project on 299 Alhambra Cir; some details about it are below. I’m wondering if you would be open to being interviewed on camera about living in the Gables (or the desire to) and talk about the neighborhood?

We’re happy to compensate you with a $150 stipend for your time.
(max 1.5 hours)

About the Project

URBIN is a co-live, co-work, and wellness platform that fosters creativity and ignites connections through small units, big amenities and an emphasis on community. We are a circular community in search of a responsible, authentic and portable lifestyle.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thank you so much.



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Posted 13 days ago
Last online: 13 days ago

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