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Character Creation (2D) for a DJ we represent to photoshop into photos and add into visuals 🌎

Looking for: Illustration
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I’m an owner of a new artist management company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia

We’re looking to get some 2d (3d further on down the track) Character creation done for one of our Dj’s to photoshop into photos and use in visuals.

To further explain the character would be not human, (maybe a human hybrid?) Small, Cute and Cheeky - Not dark and evil - We want the character to take on the form as a companion that travels with the DJ (Pokemon for reference) And we want the artwork to reflect that the character understands what he is talking about (The DJ)

We would like the characters colouring to be Neon as the Artists Name is Neon Giants

We need a freelancer that specialises in this field for continuous on going work, as many edits will need to be made depending on whether it be for artwork, photos or visuals.

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Posted 13 days ago
Elysium Entertainment
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