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Natron specialist needed to train our team 🌎

Looking for: Motion Graphic Designer
17 days left
Open job

We have a current campaign we’ve been working on in the open source compositing software called Natron.

We have taught ourselves how to use it through online research as there’s not a lot of material online and very limited support from the creators.

We just did a campaign where there was hashtag engagement element where we had a video template that did pulled information from social profiles and then sent out personalised videos which incorporated the person’s profile pic and name.

We are using natron to render versions of the video from a template that is feed from our moderation engine and are looking for more ways we can use Natron to make the dynamic element more creative.

We are therefore looking for a Natron expert who can train our team so we can be more creative with the content (e.g. nice framing of profile avatar)

We are not sure how many days this would take, but thought that 4-5 days would be best as we could then organise a call and could get you to create some training materials for us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Posted 13 days ago
Last online: 7 days ago

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