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Graduate copywriters needed to write engaging articles on technical topics 📍 Pune, India

Looking for: Copywriter
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We are a company based in Pune and we have a very large amount of articles on technology to be written.

It is important that the articles are not too technical. The aim of them is to be really engaging for the layman, to promote the potential of each technology for our clients.

As a starting point, would like you to write 3 articles, one of each of the following topics:

  • Agile & DevOps
  • App Integration and Development
  • App Frameworks, Platforms and Integrations

If we are happy with your work then we will move onto other topics.

The articles need to be 600 words each and must be set out like in this document:

We are looking for a graduate based in Pune and we have many articles to be written so this will be a valuable ongoing relationship.

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