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Looking for: Animator
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SummerzMedia is looking for Professional Animators to work alongside us on a project-by-project basis.

We’re looking for Animators who specialise in two different areas.
The first must be able to produce high-quality corporate-based animated videos.
The second must be able to produce high-quality animated videos similar to the level of the League of Legends animated videos on Youtube.
(Couldn’t find the animation teams name, please go check it out if you haven’t seen it already.)

We’d prefer teams over a solo-animator, due to the time it takes to animate such high-quality animations. The people who send over examples that match our vision and quality standards will get to work alongside us for the foreseeable future on a client-by-client basis subject to your availability.

Any other questions please include them when sending over your portfolio of work. Please send over as many examples of your work as possible so we can get a clear view of the capabilities and quality you produce.

Thank you.

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