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I need a single specific effect from Adobe After Effects reproduced for me. 🌎

Looking for: Animator
Budget: £10.00
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I have an animated logo, and it includes a flame animation to introduce the text.

My video editor would like to use the effect. But I don’t have the source files for the logo. I believe it was created with Adobe After Effects.

I would like someone to be able to reproduce the flame animation for me for a modest fee, say, your normal hourly fee for 1 hour of time. Let’s say £25. But if you think you can do it cheaper, feel free to bid cheaper.

Here is Wing Chun—animated logo with music.mp4?dl=0

To be clear the effect I want is the flame that brings the text onto the screen at the 0:04 second mark.

I would like the file to be in Adobe After Effects format, but also in one or two others that would be convenient to import into other programs if possible.

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