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Colorful and Creative Animation of a D&D Podcast 🌎

Looking for: Animator
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Hi everyone, my name is Lawrence and I am an architecture student and this post has nothing to do with me.

I want to use Kickstarter to crowdsource fund a short animation visualizing a moment or several highlights from the podcast, Not Another D&D Podcast. The animation length is undetermined because the scenes have not been picked, but I am thinking of a video around the length of 2-8 minutes. (For clarification the animation style I had in mind was a traditional or 2d animation, we detailed character design, facial expressions, set design, and dynamic movement).

The podcast has 18.2K followers on Instagram, over 8.5K followers on Twitter, 4.5K reviews on Apple Podcasts (amount to a 5-star review), 80+ Episodes, they have performed several Live Shows, across continents, and have a dedicated merch store. In a nutshell, the podcast has a lot of very devote followers that I think would love to see a visualization of their favorite characters.

This project is also quite exciting because if it is extremely successful, then there could be the potential for follow up episodes even a series. The show is extremely in-depth, dramatic, funny and has an incredible storyline. Generally a lot of potential for video format.

The animator would be expected to design 4-5 characters (one of those being a possum), design choreography for fight scenes, the sets in which the characters occupy, and animate under the audio of the podcast. And by some miracle, if this gets enough attention, it is possible the creators could help advise on the direction of the animation.

I don’t expect this to be a cheap job by any means, but I do expect the fanbase of this podcast to be very willing and excited to fund and see an animation of this wonderful story.

Looking forward to seeing responses and portfolios.


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