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Hiring a high quality 2D animator to design and animate 120 seconds 🌎

Looking for: Animator
15 days left
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I need:

A high-quality flash-game/Marvel cartoon style character designed and animated for 120 seconds. Includes 2 characters that need to be modeled. Other ‘characters’ can be basic outlines (shadows/nondescript). Low quality backgrounds are OK but high quality characters are needed. I will take care of any voiceovers.

Here is a game I designed, animated character will look similar to the templar guards in this image (buzz-lightyear like)

The shot list looks like this:

  1. Character introducing himself
  2. Absorbing power from a source
  3. Close up of his gun and its power cores
  4. Character powered up
  5. Female character shooting shadow monsters (non-descript). Absorbing their horns.
  6. Female character trading horns for new currency (holding horns out, getting in exchange)
  7. Character taking items from female character. Powering himself up, snapping a shield pack to his belt.
  8. Character being shot by a different version of himself (protected by his shields) He shoots him, coins spill/transfer into him.
  9. Exciting still of our 3 types of currencies (glowing, alive)

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Posted 15 days ago

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