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We need a logo for our music group/business identity 📍 Washington, United States

Looking for: Branding
17 days left
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I’m a musician based in The DMV area

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We need a unique logo that differs from the rest.The tone of which we were desiring would have a regal accent upon it. Also we were looking for something more urbanized.With a trap music type of portrayal.Our distinct color scheme is primarily black,electric blue,and gold. Also
I personally would like a Lion with a crown.It would be awesome if you were to contact us to whom that would find interest in our project. We have great plans to make a huge impact in not only the music industry but in the world as well. Because that’s what what we plan to do.
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We need a freelancer in…
In Woodbridge,VA.
I would to schedule some type of conference or some form of salutations to establish the start of a strong business relationship.I believe either late February to the middle of March would be convenient for our side of things. If i cant meet you directly than i’ll have one of my associates to meet with you.

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I also need a…

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No payment, only collaboration

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Posted 13 days ago
Last online: 2 days ago

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